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Core of Tolerance, Crest of Confidence

Ask Rob and Brekmon! Or Brek and Robmon!

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Mar 16 '12

Thank you anon for reading my mind so I could make this excellent phineas and ferb joke. 

Mar 16 '12

A mysterious disappearance

((Hi there!

Sorry that I’ve been so tardy on answering questions… in fact, when I went to answer questions today, most of the ones that had been asked were missing!

So I’m looking for you guys to ask some new questions. You can also re-ask questions that I lost. 

I think the biggest question is… where did they go…??))

Feb 6 '12

Again with the awkward? What else is new?

Feb 6 '12

I can’t explain it, it’s just a strange feeling that Cameracore and I are going to fight sometime in the tournament… when… I dunno. 

Feb 6 '12

Rob, always there to make things awwwwwwwwwkward 

Feb 1 '12

Brekmon, armor evolve to… Amundsenmon! The Polar Tolerance!

Brek has always been connected to that famous polar explorer, it’s even one of Okpikmon’s attacks.

Feb 1 '12

Don’t stop, can’t stop, there’s a digimon controlling me

»» sorry I couldn’t pass up making a Phineas and Ferb reference XD

Jan 30 '12

Rob didn’t have any pets growing up, but Alyssa has like, three cats at her house. So that’s rubbed off on him.

Brek doesn’t really understand animals…

Jan 30 '12

At least, I think this is what personal demon means

Jan 29 '12

Not that Brek could do better